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Massage Therapy

Are you looking for additional therapies that can be used in conjunction with your pet’s regular veterinary care? You are in luck! Here at Orchard Vet Care, we are pleased to offer pet massage, laser therapy, and veterinary chiropractic!

How can I tell if my pet is in pain?

Pets can’t tell us with words when they are hurting, but they can communicate their discomfort through a series of behaviour changes. Is your pet exhibiting any of these symptoms?

  • Stumbling, dragging a foot or limping
  • Shortened stride
  • Decreased activity level or decreased interactions with people and other pets in the house
  • Laying down more than normal
  • Panting without exertion
  • Stiffness
  • Trouble getting up after laying down

​Pain or other pathologies can be the root cause of these signs. Please book a consultation if you note any of these, so we can assess your pet’s health and comfort level, and advise you on how to address any problems thus uncovered.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can greatly improve pets’ comfort level by targeting stiff and sore muscles. Massage can also yield benefits such as:

  • ​Improving circulation of blood and lymph
  • Relaxing stiff muscles
  • Increasing flexibility and elasticity by loosening muscle fibres
  • Improving movement and range of motion
  • Increasing performance level at shows and events
  • Reducing recovery time from injury and surgery

​Contact us to find out if massage therapy is right for your pet!