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Meet Our Staff

Our Veterinarians

Our veterinarians are a team of caring professionals who have your pet’s best interest at heart. Whether you choose one of us as your primary care provider, or see a different veterinarian on our team at every visit, rest assured that we work together as a team and share information to ensure the best outcome for you and your companion. We will work with you to devise the best course of action for your pet’s particular needs, keep you updated as to any changes in your pet’s condition, and work within your budget.

​We always strive to offer the best possible care by continually staying up-to-date on new treatments and diagnostic tools. Although we are all trained in all aspects of medicine and surgery, we all have our fields of special interest, and won’t hesitate to pull each other in on cases that could use the expertise of one of our colleagues.

Our Registered Veterinary Technicians

Our amazing technicians provide nursing care to all of our patients. Whether the pet is in for a short visit or for an extended hospitalization at the clinic, registered veterinary technicians ensure a safe, comfortable stay for everyone. They are involved in every aspect of your pet’s care, from anesthesia and dentals, to assisting in surgery, to taking radiographs, placing intravenous catheters or drawing blood samples, and filling patient medication. They are caring and knowledgeable, and can answer many of your pet-related questions.

​We are lucky to have six wonderful technicians on our team, each with her own special area of expertise.

Our Veterinary Assistants

Our veterinary assistants provide support to both veterinarians and veterinary technicians. They get everything ready so that technicians and veterinarians have the tools they need to assist your pets, and help the clinic run smoothly. They are often involved in gathering patient history, trimming nails, caring for patients during their stay, and helping hold animals for procedures. They are invaluable members of our team, and help us ensure everything runs smoothly, so we can provide efficient, stress-free care to our patients.

Our Receptionists and Office Staff

As your first point of contact with the clinic, our receptionists ensure that your and your pet’s needs are met in a timely fashion. Whether you need to book an appointment, order food or a medication refill for your pet, or simply have a question for us, our receptionists will take the time to understand your needs and get you the services you need.