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Veterinary Surgery in Saskatoon, SK

We get how intimidating it can feel when your canine and feline companions need surgery. From orthopedic fixes to soft tissue repairs, finding the right care is everything.

That’s where our devoted team in Saskatoon, SK, comes into play. At Orchard Veterinary Care, providing compassionate and detailed veterinary services for your cherished pets is what we’re all about.

Our goal? To ease those worries by crafting personalized treatment plans that cater exactly to your pet’s specific needs.

Types of Veterinary Surgery Offered

Soft Tissue Surgeries

We specialize in performing soft tissue surgeries, making sure your pet gets the highest quality of care during their surgical process. These procedures cover a broad spectrum of treatments for internal organs, skin, tumors, and more.

Our veterinarians have extensive experience in managing complex cases, offering solutions that put your pet’s health and recovery first. From the very first consultation through to post-operative care, we offer thorough support aimed at ensuring a smooth healing journey.

Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic surgeries are a cornerstone of the comprehensive vet surgery services we offer at Orchard Veterinary Care. Our skilled team tackles various bone, joint, and ligament issues that can cause discomfort and mobility problems in pets.

We use modern technology and techniques to perform procedures such as fracture repairs, hip replacements, and corrective surgeries for congenital disorders. These advanced orthopedic operations help ensure your beloved pet regains strength and functionality.

Spay/Neuter Surgeries

Spaying and neutering are crucial procedures help in controlling pet population, decreasing the chance of certain health issues, and improving overall behavior in pets.

Our skilled team here takes great care in performing these operations, aiming to make the process as free from stress as possible for both the pets and their owners. There’s a strong focus on follow-up care after surgery to watch over recovery and offer advice on how to best look after your pet during this time.

Cruciate Ligament Rupture

We at Orchard Veterinary Care also excel in addressing more complex needs, such as Cruciate Ligament Rupture treatment. This injury, common among active dogs, requires precise and expert care.

Our dedicated veterinary team employs state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery techniques to repair this critical ligament in your pet’s knee, ensuring they return to their playful selves.

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At Orchard Veterinary Care, we provide a wide variety of surgical services for your pets. From soft tissue to orthopedic surgeries, our team ensures each procedure is done with care.

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